'2AM on the subway'. Photograph taken by Igor Mukhin.

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Ensconced in the snow, his white camouflage suit rendering him invisible to the invading Soviet soldiers he stalked, Simo Häyhä steadied himself to fire. During the 1939–1940 Winter War, in temperatures as low as –40 °C, the Finnish sniper undertook a killing spree that saw him single-handedly take the lives of at least 700 men in less than 100 days. Over 500 of these he shot using a standard, bolt-action rifle with non-telescopic sights. Is it any wonder he earned the nickname The White Death among his enemies? Meet the man who would take Rambo to the cleaners.
—-These words are from a site called above top secret. I recommend you google him.


Grace Zabriskie in “Twin Peaks”

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Brian Eno

Advertisement, ZigZag Magazine (1982)

"More music soon."

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